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Please Note

The following will help guarantee the Salon’s success and will contribute to the quality of your installation.

Important Dates and To Do List

Immediately Reserve your Hotel rooms  

March 5 – Last Day to send your Material List Order

March6 - 10h00 : Salon Opens to the General Public

March 8 - 17h00 : Salon closes

March 8 – 17h00 à 23h00 : Take down


Dates - March 6, 7, 8, 2020

Complex Branchaud-Brière,
499 Blvd. Labrosse,
Gatineau, Qc. J8P 4R1

Friday, March 6, 2020 - 10h00 to 20h00
Saturday, March 7, 2020 - 10h00 to 17h00
Sunday, March 8, 2020 - 10h00 to 17h00


All the medias are represented (newspaper, television, radio) to insure maximum visibility to the Exhibitors. Publicity is issued in French and English. Exhibitors' participation to the Salon constitute a very economical mean for your entity to be known. Should you have any questions or would like to know more about the Salon, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, it will be our pleasure to answer all your queries.

Complex Branchaud-Brière Rules

A new white floor for heavy equipment will be in place for the show.

1-Emergency Exits are to be used exclusively in case of Emergency and not to go out for a smoke.

2-It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the Complex. A Designated Area is allocated for this purpose near the Main Entrance

3-Alcoholic beverages are allowed exclusively inside the "La Loge" restaurant and at the Bar set-up next to the Salon entrance and are to be served and consumed in that vicinity.

4-The synthetic floor covering is specially fabricated for a Soccer field, do not leave any debris or detritus susceptible to damage it, garbage cans are available, use them.

5-No engine are to be started/run inside the Complex.

6-At all times respect members of the Complex's Managing Staff and their employees.

Exhibitor's Parking

A Parking Area is reserved for all Exhibitors, a sign will show you its location.


WiFi is free, here are the access codes : On the Salon floor : "Desjardins" , password : (caissedegatineau)
On the Main Entrance level : "Complexe Branchaud-Briere" , password : (branchaudbriere)

Protocol – Renting a Kiosk

The majority of contracts are prepared by the Promoter due to the repeat of (Exhibitors) Lessees year after year but it is possible for an interested person to fill in his own contract by adhering to the following procedures :
1 - print the applicable form,
2 - fill in the required information,
3 - propose a kiosk location number,
4 - sign the contract,
5 - issue a cheque for half the rental amount dated the same day, suggestion : include a post-dated cheque dated January 18, 2020 for the remainder of the amount.
6 - mail in these documents to the indicated address.

By return mail the Promoter will confirm the rental by a counter-signed copy of the contract.

It is to be noted that repeat Lessees have priority over the choice of kiosk locations.

Set-Up - Outfitters
Thursday, March 5, from 13h00
Friday, March 6,  from 07h00 to 09h30

Set-Up - Boats
By Rendez-vous only – Please contact Jacques Brabant.
A schedule will be prepared and handed-out .

Boat Cleaning Service:
Contact Bruce Gagnon at 819-210-6544 or by email at

Your Booth must be ready for 9h30, Thursday March 6, 2020.

Take-Down Sunday, March 8, 2020  from 17h00 to 23h00


Compulsory – All Exhibitors must carry a General Public Liability Insurance valued at 2 Million dollars for the duration of the Salon, neither the Direction, nor the Promoter and the Owner can be held responsible for injuries to the personnel and the general public and damages caused by products, podiums, tools, decorations by fire, accidents, theft or any other causes.

You must advise your Insurer of your participation to the 2020 Salon.

All Entry-Pass bracelets will be brought to you at your Kiosk, Friday, March 6, 2020.

Quantities of Entry-Pass bracelets available allowed :
Outfitters : 4 bracelets maximum.
Nautical : 6 bracelets maximum.

Entry-Pass/Policy & Procedures

In order to insure an adequate control and greatly ease the Exhibitors' Registration procedures, we have added some modifications pertaining to the issuance of Entry-Pass bracelets. So, to avoid any misunderstanding, please take note of the following directives.

  • Exhibitors' bracelets will be available at a table behind the Ticket Booth as early as 08h30, Friday, March 6, 2020. Ask for Monique.
  • No Exhibitor will be allowed entrance without his Entry-Pass bracelet.
  • All Entry-Pass bracelets will be affixed individually on the first morning of the Salon
  • Once an Entry-Pass bracelet is affixed it becomes the holder's responsibility to wear it till the end of the Salon.
  • If an Exhibitor shows-up at the Entrance without his Entry-Pass bracelet, the Exhibitor will have to purchase a new bracelet at a cost of $10.00 to access the Salon.

Delivery Address
All Salon material must be shipped pre-paid as follows :
Company Name,
Booth Number
a/s Resource Person 
Do not ship any material before Thursday, March 5, 2020.

Please note that any material shipped post-paid will be refused.

Set-Up Schedule
All the Boat and Outdoor Exhibitors will be contacted in due time.

Material Handling
Hand carts with wide rubber tires will be available to transport your equipment and materials on the hard floor, no carts are to be used on the synthetic surface.  For additional services, such as tying-up panels or handling of special types of equipment; please call on Marc Brabant.

A storage area will be available. Please make sure your stored materials and equipment are well identified to avoid confusion. Unidentified boxes left in alleyways will be considered as trash and disposed as such at the Salon’s closing.

You must have 15' long electrical extensions, and a power bar for all unit you may need to connect. Marc Brabant will see that you are connected. Wi-Fi is available Free.

We reserve the right to move any material or equipment hindering access to any facilities, and this at your expense.

Equipment Rental, Stands, Carpets, Signs….

In accordance with our Official Supplier, we take pleasure informing you it is possible to order various articles needed to complete and/or supplement your Booth installation.
All the materials used by our Supplier meets the City of Gatineau Fire Protection Services Standards.

Don't hesitate to contact our supplyer (See below).

Parking is free at all times; an area will be assigned to the Exhibitors.

Trailer Parking
A special area will be available for large trailers.

Entrance Fees
Adults : $13
16 yrs. and under : Free

Adult Weekend pass : $20.

Take Down and Exit
The dismantlng of booths and the removing of other merchandise will begin at 17h00, Sunday, March 6, 2020; the work must be completed by midnight of the same day.

No dismantling or moving of any kind is permitted before 17h00, Sunday, March 8, 2020.

Booth Set-Up

So as to respect all the Exhibitors and preserve the general aesthetic of the Salon, the Exhibitors who use booths lacking background and side panels will have to rent structures to meet this requirement or propose a satisfactory solution.


To rent the necessary structures, please call :
Attention to : Nicole Laframboise
Ottawa, On
K1G 4A2
Tel: 613-748-7180
Fax: 613-745-8303

The Promoter reserves the right to approve the presentation and the installation of each Exhibitor.

Exhibitors’ Line of Sight Standard

Linear Booth : unit and/or multiples of 10’ x 10’
Booth Background Maximum Height Allowable : 8 feet.
Aisle Minimum Opening : 5 feet
Maximum Side Panels Height : 4 feet


put a good photo description in here


Fire Prevention (Materials)
The Gatineau Fire Protection Services requires that all objects, materials and tissue be fireproof.

Fire Prevention (Combustion Engine Vehicles)
Gas tank caps must be locked and sealed with tape. Tanks are required to be filled no more than half and contain no more than 10 gallons.

Fire Prevention (Batteries)
Batteries must be disconnected. It is strictly prohibited to start a combustion engine during the Salon.

An Annexed document supplied by the City of Gatineau Fire Prevention  Service is available on demand.

Fundraising :
All solicitations such as fundraising (draws, lotteries…) for a charitable entity or any other organisation is prohibited during the Salon unless previously accepted by the Promoter.


111 rue Bellehumeur, Gatineau, Qc, J8T 6K5
Tel. No. 819-568-5252
Fax No. 19-568-0753

A bloc of rooms has been reserved for you ; please consult the “Lodging“ tab in the left navigation bar of the page.


Thank you for your collaboration!

499 Boulevard Labrosse,
Gatineau, QC
J8P 4R1

Coming from the West, using the 148 and the 417; from the North, using the 105 and the 5; from the East, using the 50 and the 148; from the South, using the 17 and the 417. On Maloney Blvd., take Labrosse Blvd. North, using the 50 take the Labrosse Exit.

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